2016-04-26      734


April 2016 - With the effort of Hangzhou Yuanse Technology Co., Ltd., they have successfully developed a bright colors, low-energy-reflective type color
display panel, the brightness of the display panel is three times than that of RGB color schemes. The reflectivity of this dispay panel pushes the limit of
33% reflectivity. For now, the R&D team of YuanseTech can already achieve a variety of single uniform color red, yellow, blue, purple, green and so on.
I believe that with the further efforts of this team, an energy-saving, viewing-good, low-energy, high brightness reflective colorful display panel, will soon
come out. Then,it will be new choice of the people who are suffering from the disadvantages of  emissive displays such as large-energy-consumption, eyestrain,
and poor-outdoor-experience.