The main duties

  1. according to the e-paper product development target company to develop, plan and amendments to improve the development process in accordance with the progress of the prototype;
  2. responsible for product development and research related equipment resources, integration, and testing of all aspects;
  3. responsible for the company's products and interface hardware, software and communications protocol research and OK.

Position Requirements

  1. requires electronics, computer, automation and control, or related professional college education;
  2. more than two years of product development experience, familiar from development to production of the entire process of product development;
  3. good writing and verbal communication skills and teamwork, independent thinking and problem solving skills;
  4. proficient in at least one computer programming language and development environment, familiar with common communication protocols;
  5. good spoken English is preferred, with a display of product development experience is preferred;
  6. hobbies research and development work, with a strong sense of responsibility, to assume a greater work pressure, honest and reliable, with team spirit.

Location: Hangzhou

Salary: Negotiable