1. Participation in the development of color video electronic paper, a detailed record of the conditions and process R & D;
  2. Responsible for micromachining fabrication process color video electronic paper, by integrating the use of external R & D resources to validate and improve the prototype;
  3. Participation in the commissioning and use of MEMS laboratory construction and development of instruments and equipment.

Position Requirements

  1. Materials, physics, optoelectronics, microelectronics related undergraduate degree or above, a solid physical foundation for MEMS, semiconductor devices and polymer materials have in-depth theoretical knowledge;
  2. More than 2.1 years micromachining, semiconductor or MEMS process line practical experience in coating and etching materials;
  3. Undergraduate, master's or doctoral graduate school engaged in lithographic micromachining, MEMS or technological aspects of semiconductor research priorities;
  4. Have some experience in engineering mechanics simulation, such as using Ansys software; grasp MEMS design and simulation software is better;
  5. Have PVD, CVD, lithography, dry etching, wet etching and other semiconductor process equipment or maintenance experience is preferred;
  6. Familiar MEMS testing, including automatic electrical detection, ordinary optical testing, electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy characterization;
  7. have good writing skills and communication and collaboration, responsibility, professionalism and spirit of unity and cooperation

Location: Hangzhou

Salary: Negotiable