1. The development of micron process (photolithography, etching, metal sputtering, stamping and other micro-nanofabrication technology);
  2. nanoimprinting technology research and development, design and production stamping equipment, industrial process integration;
  3. R&D equipment and technology, to achieve micron-scale structures on the metal and polymer film materials.

Position Requirements

  1. micro-nanofabrication background preferred. Relevant background knowledge physics, electronics, semiconductor technology.
  2. honest work hard, an independent research and development work of the spirit, a good team spirit and communication skills.
  3. Good spoken English is preferred, there are computer languages ​​and software development experience is preferred;
  4. Has a strong sense of responsibility, a strong self-learning ability, with teamwork and communication awareness;
  5. Hobbies R & D work, to undertake work under pressure, and his sincere, honest and reliable, with team spirit.

Location: Hangzhou

Salary: Negotiable